School Branding – Springfield School

Springfield School logo based on a jumping lioness with the portsmouth star and crescent designed by Toop Studio
Springfield School logo before and after comparison
Springfield School logo on letterhead Stationery designed by Shadric Toop
Springfield School new sign after rebrand 2014
Springfield School prospectus intro spread showing lion
Springfield School Prospectus Front Cover 2014-2015 designed by Shadric Toop
Springfield School rebrand sketchbook designs Shadric Toop
colour palette for Springfield School Portsmouth by Toop Studio
School logo design on a business card - illustrating ‘L is for Logo’ in A to Z design for schools blog
Springfield School site map sign after rebrand 2014
Springfield School prospectus location spread showing pictures of Portsmouth
Springfield School website designed by Toop Studio in Brighton
Springfield School Rebrand logo designs in sketchbook by Shadric Toop

School Branding – Springfield School Rebrand

The Brief

Springfield School is a coeducational community secondary school in Portsmouth, Hampshire. The new Headteacher commissioned us to carry out a school branding overhaul, because the dated visual identity of the school was not in keeping with its modern values and aspirations.

Our Design

The School has been represented by a lion since its beginning as Manor Court School in the 1960s. Many schools in the Portsmouth area use rampant lions as emblems probably due to a historical connection with Richard the Lionheart (who also gave Portsmouth its famous star and crescent).

We decided to retain a connection to the lion, with a new logo based on a jumping lioness (or young lion) which works in several lock-ups with the new Springfield School wordmark. The tail makes an ‘S’ for Springfield. At the crown is a redesigned version of the famous Portsmouth eight-pointed star and crescent.

The lion is springing forward (making a subtle spring-Springfield connection). This is also symbolic of the school’s ethos and rebrand as a whole: the school is looking ahead to the future.

Along with a new more exciting colour palette, the new lion is part of a bold change for the school’s identity, which includes a complete overhaul of its visual communications from signage and stationery to the use of photography, the website and its social media pages.

The Client’s Response

‘I have found Shadric to be skilled at interpreting the client’s requirements accurately and then bringing an original and creative vision to each project. I particularly value the perfectionism and attention to detail that he brings to his design work; and also how he communicates with the client at each stage of the project’s development. I can highly recommend Toop Studio’s design work.’

Sara Spivey
Headteacher Springfield School

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