Logo Design – Room 97

Room 97 full logo with strapline
Room 97 logo as a pattern
Room 97 creative hairdressing logo variations
Room 97 new logo as window inside circular container by Toop Studio
Room 97 full logo with creative hairdressing strapline reversed white on black version
Room 97 Wakefield logo compact designed by Shadric Toop
Room 97 website on ipad

Logo Design – Room 97

The Brief

Room 97 Creative Hairdressing comprises of 3 boutique salons which is owned and directed by award winning hairdresser Marcello Moccia. In 2012 Marcello came to us to create a new logo design for the salon. The brief was to devise something clever yet simple and stylish.

Our Design

Our solution was to play with the idea of ‘cutting’ and apply this to the type in the wordmark. We then developed a set of related marks that gives the brand flexibility for different applications.

The Room 97 website
Website designed by Creative Impact

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