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Bespoke wall art, wall graphics & murals

We have over 10 years of experience in designing murals and printed wall graphics. Our wall designs are both beautiful and rich in meaningful content. Wall art can transform buildings such as schools, hospitals, museums, stores and offices.

Our wall art design service

Toop Studio offers a range of wall design services:

  • Wall art creative concept design
  • Site surveys
  • Photoshop visualisations
  • Graphic design, illustration and artwork
  • Digital wallpaper & wall vinyl printing
  • Foamex & Dibond panel printing
  • On-site wall art installation
  • Print and installation management
  • Environmental & interior graphics consultancy for schools

If you have a potential wall art project, get in touch – we’ll talk you through the possibilities and give you an idea of the costs involved based on your wall location, dimensions and brief.

School Entrance Interior Design - Varndean School - Toop Studio
School Entrance Interior Design - Varndean School - Toop Studio
Wall Artwork Varndean School Reception Islands illustration - Toop Studio
Wall Art for Varndean School Reception
Wall Artwork Varndean School detail - Toop Studio
Wall Artwork Varndean School detail3 - Toop Studio
School Reception Wall Based on the History of Everything and the Future - designed by Toop Studio
School Reception Wall Graphic - The Future Depends On What You Do Today - Springfield School
Springfield School Future wall detail1 includes the atom bomb, album covers by Elvis Presley, the Clash, the Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and the Beatles, sculpture by barbara hepworth, Time magazine cover featuring indira gandhi, The Snail by Henri Matisse, Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox and Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech
Springfield School history timeline wall detail6 including king john signing magna carta, Mayan Calendar, Dante's Inferno, Fibonacci numbers and Moai - Easter Island heads
School wall graphics - British Values wall - showing Education Tree of words with a bookcase set into the wall - hand illustrated wall design by Toop Studio
British Values Wall Graphic - Denbigh High School
School wall graphics - British Values wall - showing Tolerance detail with a stylised townscape with speech bubbles from people being tolerant towards each other - hand illustrated wall design by Toop Studio
school wall graphics for science stairwells - showing a dramatic dna double helix in red and yellow on a blue stairwell wall - Toop Studio
School Science Department Wall Graphics - Stairwell - Denbigh High School
school wall graphics for science stairwells - showing dna nucleotides on stairwell wall - work by Toop Studio
school wall graphics for science stairwells - showing the solar system on a stairwell wall - work by Toop
School wall graphic - Wellington Academy English wall featuring the top 100 books of all time
School English Department Wall Graphic - Top 100 books - Wellington Academy
School wall graphic detail showing first lines and original covers of top 100 books of all time
Music Wall Graphics corridor - drums and idiophones - Denbigh High School - Toop Studio
School Music Department Corridor Wall Art - Denbigh High School
Music wall graphic conga
Music wall graphic guitar

Wall art or wall graphics?

Our wall art service combines the disciplines of branding, fine art, illustration and graphic design. We produce large-scale designs for walls that combine both aesthetic and functional considerations. So to us, the terms wall art and wall graphics are more or less interchangeable.

Wall art for schools

Our studio has undertaken numerous wall art commissions for schools and colleges across the UK from Brighton to Manchester. Our walls for schools combine the communication of values and ethos with engaging educational content. They are designed to inspire students, staff and visitors.

Headteachers’ feedback

Here is some of the feedback we have received from headteachers (via Google reviews):

‘We have been working with Shadric [at Toop Studio] for over 15 years and his work never fails to impress. Wherever you look in our school his work can be seen through the branding he has helped design to the murals and signage. Shadric has an amazing eye for detail and always surprises us with the design elements he uses to make his work unique and unlike other schools. Shadric is great to work with and he takes your half-formed ideas and creates something you could never have imagined. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies (although I would if it meant he had less time to work for us!) ‘

Shelley Baker
Headteacher, Varndean School (Brighton)

‘I have recently worked with Toop Studio on a [wall] project around our school values. Shadric was highly professional and knowledgeable with excellent levels of attention to detail. Shadric took the time to understand what we were hoping to achieve in the development of our wall art to represent our school values. The quality of the final product he produced was excellent.’

David Hunter
Headteacher, Saint Margaret’s Primary School (Manchester)

‘I have had the pleasure of working with ​Toop Studio on three projects at Springfield: re-branding the school, designing a feature “Future Wall” for the school’s reception and producing a film to complement the school’s prospectus.

I have found ​Toop Studio to be skilled at interpreting the client’s requirements accurately and then bringing an original and creative vision to each project. I particularly value the perfectionism and attention to detail that ​they​ bring to ​their design work; and also how ​they​ communicate with the client at each stage of the project’s development.

The Future Wall exceeded my expectations and is loved by the school community. ​Toop Studio created a sequence of engaging graphic images to depict the highs and lows of history, the world today and glimpses of the future. Underpinning the images was the concept that “the future depends on what you do today”; an inspirational message wholly appropriate for an innovative and forward-looking school community.

I can highly recommend ​Toop Studio’s​ design work. ‘

Sara Spivey
Headteacher, Springfield School (Portsmouth)

Digital wallpaper

Printed digital wallpaper comes in a variety of specifications. We can print wall art on rolls of paper or a more hard-wearing woven polyester fabric. These materials are then pasted to the wall like traditional wallpaper in butt-joined drops.

Self-adhesive vinyl

Another option is self-adhesive vinyl wall coverings, which can be given a scuff-resistant laminate. Vinyl has a very high-resolution rich matte finish, and the laminate is very durable. Vinyl is installed in overlapping drops, due to a small amount of natural expansion and contraction in the material over time.

Foamex and Dibond panels

Printed (or vinyl-wrapped) panels are a great alternative solution to fitting vinyl directly to a wall.  Panels are much more easily replaced or moved and can be fitted to practically any wall surface, however uneven, indoors or outdoors.


The panel product we often use for interiors is called Foamex. Foamex is a rigid hardwearing PVC foam that is compressed to create a strong, lightweight and economical board perfect for printed graphics and wall art. Foamex can either be printed directly or pressure-wrapped with printed vinyl.


Outdoor panels are required to be a little more weather and temperature resistant. For this reason, we recommend a panel product called Dibond (with an anti-graffiti sealant) for wall art located outside. Dibond is an aluminium composite sheet, comprising two aluminium cover layers and a polyethylene or mineral core.

Wall art - wall graphics in Springfield school before and after comparison - Toop Studio Brighton

The impact of wall art – Springfield School

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