Packaging Design – Toop Studio

Packaging design at Toop Studio is an extension of our brand identity, graphics and illustration expertise.

Shadric Toop‘s background in architecture and stationery products gives him the three-dimensional design skills to required for custom packaging and paper-engineered design projects.

Toop Studio has designed various forms of packaging including:

Record sleeves for hip-hop producer Tom Caruana, retail bags for homeware store Bert’s Homestore,  packaging for art materials supplier Seawhite of Brighton and packaging for the entire range of zero-waste, plastic-free oral care products for Georganics.

Eco Packaging Design

We spent over 3 years working with Georganics on their entire range of oral care products. Each product is packaged in fully biodegradable & compostable kraft paper cardboard boxes. The range includes glass and aluminium refillable, reusable and recyclable jars. We also designed bulk refill packs, which cut down on waste for both our client and their customers.

Stack of Seawhite pads containing black paper with cover designed by Toop Studio

Pad Cover Design – Art Materials for Seawhite

Packaging - stack of Seawhite-sketchbooks watercolour postcard pads designed by Shadric Toop

Watercolour Postcard pads for Seawhite – Toop

Photo of a Kraft box of pencils with graphic design featuring pencil drawings of wavy lines which is used on many products by the arts materials company Seawhite. This packaging design is by Toop Studio.

Packaging for Seawhite Pencils – Toop Studio

Packaging - Seawhite branded picture frames

Packaging – Picture Frames for Seawhite

Georganics Sonic Toothbrush zero waste packaging design shadric toop

Packaging – Electric Toothbrush for Georganics

Georganics zero waste packaging mailing box graphic design by Toop Studio

Mailing box Design for Georganics – Toop

georganics waste free packaging 360 rotating box graphic design shadric toop thumbnail

Eco Packaging Design – Toothpaste carton for Georganics

3 Zerolla boxes - Body Moisturiser, Shampoo and Conditioner - Designed by Toop Studio

Zerolla boxes – Body Moisturiser, Shampoo and Conditioner

Record cover artwork abstract red and brown paint and bleached ink- Tom Caruana - Adaptatrap - Design by Toop Studio

Record Sleeve Design – Tom Caruana – Toop

Record cover artwork back cover- Tom Caruana - Adaptatrap - Design by Toop Studio

Record Sleeve for Tom Caruana – back

Store branding - Bert's Homestore Packaging brown paper shopping bag

Retail bage for Berts Homestore – Toop Studio

Store branding - Bert's Homestore Plastic Shopping Bag - designed by Toop Studio

Retail Bag Design – Berts Homestore

Georganics zero waste packaging cardamom floss box graphic design by Toop Studio

Product Carton Design for Georganics

Packaging Design - Georganics Oil Pulling Mouthwash box and bottle

Carton and bottle for Georganics – Toop