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Varndean School Prospectus 2023 - Drone Footage

Varndean School Prospectus Video  –  Brighton

Toop Studio proudly presents our latest prospectus film for Varndean School in Brighton, East Sussex.

Varndean is a leading state secondary school with a current enrollment of about 1,500 students, aged 11-16.

The school operates a unique house system, which they call a smaller school system. The houses are Angelou, Russell, Turing, Ellis, and Lennox.

The Video – Brief & Concept

Our brief for the new prospectus video was to strike a balance between showcasing the school’s award-winning pastoral system and its fantastically broad approach to the curriculum.

To achieve this, we opted for a voice-over narration rather than the more typical talking headshots.

This allowed us to capture great-quality spoken audio from relaxed and engaging speakers.

We then combined the audio track with a vibrant mix of ground-level footage and stunning drone photography of the school’s beautiful green grounds and outdoor spaces.

Varndean School Prospectus 2023 - Ground Footage

Varndean School Prospectus 2023 – Ground Footage

Varndean School Prospectus 2023 - Drone Footage

Varndean School Prospectus 2023 – Drone Footage

The Video Edit

In the edit, we made the conscious decision to render the film in cinematic widescreen.

This ‘letterbox’ format allowed us to make the most of the dramatic wide sweep drone photography, showcasing the school’s impressive facilities and picturesque setting.

We also made use of a variety of shot types, cutting between wide shots, close-ups of engaged students, and split-screen layouts to pack in as much visual storytelling as possible into the snappy 5-minute running time.

Our approach to color grading was also inspired by cinema, with a rich tonal range and a touch of classic teal & orange.

We used several different music tracks to create changes of pace and mood, ensuring that the clarity and richness of the voice-over recordings cut through, allowing every word to be heard.

The transitions and graphics were kept understated to ensure that the focus remained on the content.

Varndean School Prospectus 2023 - Split Screen

Varndean School Prospectus 2023 – Split Screen

Varndean School Prospectus 2023 - Shot angles & colour grading

Varndean School Prospectus 2023 – Shot angles & colour grading

Other Toop Studio projects for Varndean School

Toop Studio has been working with Varndean School for almost 20 years.

In addition to producing this prospectus video, we have also rebranded the school and designed and installed a large wall graphic in their reception area.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of Varndean School and look forward to continuing our collaboration in the years to come.

The Client’s Response

We have been working with Shadric for over 15 years and his work never fails to impress.
Wherever you look in our school his work can be seen through the branding he has helped design to the murals and signage. Shadric has an amazing eye for detail. He always surprises us with the design elements he uses to make his work unique and unlike other schools.

Shadric is great to work with and he takes your half-formed ideas and creates something you could never have imagined. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies (although I would if it meant he had less time to work for us!)

Shelley Baker
Headteacher, Varndean School

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