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Animated school video still showing female student smiling in front of animated diagram of the solar system
School prospectus film still showing animated books floating on a red background
School video still showing open book with black and white picture of student playing harp
School video still showing male student playing tennis
Animated school video still showing female student drawing a vertical dotted line - work by Toop Studio
School film still showing student walking in the countryside wearing outdoor gear and a backpack
School video still showing view of science illustration through binoculars
Animated school video still showing female science student putting on safety goggles
School video still showing a male student taking a Macbeth book from a floating field of animated books
School video still showing student playing the harp with animated musical notes
School film still showing PE students playing tennis
School video still showing female student writing maths equation
School film still showing student looking through binoculars
School prospectus video end frame showing the word future filled with students faces

Animated School Video – Springfield School

Our most innovative school video to date is for Springfield school in Portsmouth.

Live action and animation

Our brief for the new animated school video for Springfield was to make it student-focused, and to get across the forward-looking ethos of the school.

Our concept was to combine unscripted student interviews with green screen live action and animation to produce an innovative, informative and fun film that people won’t forget.

Photograph taken during the school video shoot of a student harpist against a green screen

Green screen school video shoot at Springfield

The future depends on what you do today

At the core of our concept for this video was an idea that is also at the centre of a large wall graphic we created a couple of years before in the reception area of Springfield school.

Both the wall and the film are based on the quote: ‘The future depends on what you do today‘, which is both a call to action to students make the most of their time at school, but also the simple philosophy that a good future for our world requires an understanding of the past as well as effort and planning in the present.

At the end of the video, all the stars of the film speak briefly about their ambitions for the future. Their confidence, eloquence and enthusiasm is as good an advert for the school as any other measure. The headteacher, Ms Spivey, also speaks about her philosophy for the school.

school video still student interview

School video – student interviews

Other Toop Studio projects for Springfield School

Toop Studio have worked with Springfield for many years.  As well as having rebranded the school, we designed and installed a large wall graphic in their reception area.

School Wall Art - Springfield School Portsmouth - Future wall

Wall graphic – Springfield School – Future wall


The Client’s Response

‘The team and I are really pleased with the film and I’m optimistic that it will do exactly what we intended – i.e. ‘capture’ the essence of what we are about at the school and promote this in a very positive and innovative way to the community.

Sara Spivey,
Headteacher, Springfield School

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