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Commissioning School Wall Art: 10 Tips for Success

Published on 12th December 2022

In this post, we share 10 years of experience in school wall art design and…

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Case Study: Brand refresh for Bert’s Homestore

Published on 21st March 2017 Bert's Homestore - Brand Refresh Bert’s Homestore was established in 2005. It sells a vibrant... Read More
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The A to Z of Design for Schools

Published on 18th November 2016

In this article, our school branding experts at Toop Studio would like to share their…

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Promoting British Values – School Wall Graphic

Published on 7th November 2016

Promoting British Values in Schools is a challenge. This article looks at Toop Studio’s wall…

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School wall graphics showing music department

10 things school wall graphics can do

Published on 23rd March 2016

The walls in our schools offer a great opportunity to communicate visually to students, staff…

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Seawhite sketchbook pastel pad with branding by Toop Studio

From PVA to Paris – The Story of Seawhite Sketchbooks

Published on 14th February 2016 The Legend If you've been to college to study art or design anywhere in the... Read More