School Prospectus Video – Varndean School

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School Prospectus Video – Varndean School

Our latest prospectus film for Varndean school in Brighton.

The students are the stars of the film

This year we decided to ask the students to present their school to us. Their interviews were completely unscripted, and they tell an engaging, enthusiastic story about their experience of Varndean school, which should greatly help year 6 children and their parents in Brighton make the difficult decision in making their secondary school choice.

The video starts with two year 10 students (Ella and Eliza) rehearsing and recording their version of the Florence and the Machine song ‘Shake it Out’. At the end of the film, they can be seen on stage performing the song as part of the school’s summer concert.

This sets up the analogy between the musical rehearsal as preparation for a performance and school itself being a ‘rehearsal for life’ – an idea expressed more eloquently by one of the students in the first spoken line of the film.

Varndean prospectus film 2015 - scene featuring music students Ella and Eliza

Varndean prospectus film 2015 – scene featuring music students Ella and Eliza

Our film reflects a school that values the Arts

The headteacher, William Deighan, puts a lot of resources into the arts at the school, having built an amphitheatre in the school’s courtyard in 2013–14, and invested in a musical instrument and lessons for every year 7 student. Mr Deighan was a professional opera singer before he went into teaching and headship.

We hope our film captures the creative, holistic ethos of the school, and highlights the school’s support for the Arts and PE alongside the academic and STEM subjects.

Varndean prospectus film 2015 arts and sciences equally valued

Varndean prospectus film 2015 – arts and sciences equally valued

Toop Studio’s long relationship with Varndean School

Toop Studio have worked with Varndean for many years.  As well as having produced several school prospectus videos for Varndean, we were commissioned to design their new visual identity and consult on their rebrand in 2012.

In 2014, we designed and installed floor-to-ceiling wall art in their entrance foyer.


The Client’s Response

Varndean School has successfully worked with Toop Studio for many years as they have the ability to capture the ethos of our school and distil that message for parents and the wider community. The key to this successful partnership is on how astutely Shadric intently listens to the essence of our  school community.

William Deighan,
Headteacher, Varndean School

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